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Christmas Hope

Give the Gift of Christmas Hope this year, by Cindy Palin

Seasons come and seasons go, and every year the sight of snow threatens to paralyze my soul. Christmas finds me questioning your gifts of joy and suffering, and memories send me off in search of hope. I am weaker than most РYou came to a manger. I am broken to the bone РYou were pierced for a stranger. The past has left its mark Рbut Christmas heals the heart with memories of a child who offers hope. Hope is your child, Hope is your love, covering a multitude of memories that will never measure up. Seasons come and seasons go and every year should I get cold help the love you give me make a home. At times I might feel out of place, O but for your light of grace Рevery year you always offer hope. ©CindyPalin All Rights Reserved

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