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I Remember When

Thanks Joanna Kosinska for your lovely photograph #unsplash

Let's play a little 'I remember when' game, about my hometown (Olds, Alberta).

I remember when the building north of the Post Office had a candy store in it called; The Beehive. If the weather co-operated I could ride my bike two miles into town on the country road that extends north past Dairy Queen. After my swimming lessons I would stop at The Beehive to buy five and ten cent candy.

Many years later I am walking my niece and nephew downtown to a different candy store to buy the five or ten cent candy, the same kind you pick out with a plastic tong and put into a bag.

As we began the fun procedure my little niece looked up at me and said "my mom calls these candies 'poopy chews'."

"Excuse me?" I asked.

"Yeah, when we would finish our soccer games we would go to the candy store and watch all the kids put their sweaty, dirty hands in the jars. They would pull out the candy they wanted, but without using the little plastic tongs" she explained.

"Did you still buy candy?" I asked.

"Yup" she answered with a dimpled smile.

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