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Mental Health

Imagine the world’s main populace hanging out on one ol’ filthy couch, comfortable, and unwilling to budge regardless of who may be needing help. This is the image that I had when I wrote this song last night. I’ve been very aware of a great deal of young people warring with suicidal thoughts, and a great deal of grown ups not sure of what to say… It is okay to pause before we leap, but we must leap for humanity’s sake.

Gotta bone to pick with this indifferent populace.
How many lives will comfort cost this time?
You don't know him well, 
but when he's dead, how do you tell 
him you care?
Don't give me unfair!
Let's just grow up here!
Get off that stupid couch and stick your neck out.
Why don't you stick your neck out?

I'm a home sick for an indulgent kind o' fix,
where people try to love with all their might.
I don't know you well, 
but just in case I wanna tell 
you I care.
The world can laugh at me,
reject my empathy.
I'm up and off this couch,
to stick my neck out.
I'm gonna stick my neck out.

Someday the measure stick will break.
Someday the hungry will not ache.
Someday the rich and poor will shout,
we're up and off this filthy couch.
We're gonna stick our neck out,
Come on and stick your neck out!

©music and lyrics by Cindy Palin March 15, 2019
All Rights Reserved
Registered with SOCAN
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