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Your Melody

There are seasons of our lives that require more focus than others. Distractions get better at disguising themselves in brighter colours or louder voices, or darker valleys. If we are not careful our beloved Creator and Savior fades into the frey.

Many times I have recognized the lull, the uneasiness as a sign to return to the quiet place, where I am reminded He is everything and I am His. Scripture tells us that He knew us before we were born (Jeremiah 1:5). Jared Oliphint pens “God knew you in eternity before anything was made, and he knew you in history, before your arrival here on earth“ (, The Story of You).

As I ponder His loving kindness towards me, and the mystery of the Gospel I recall the many times the Spirit has whispered to me through music. Music is His chosen tool for me that continually draws me through the deserts of life, past the idols and broken down promises of man made kings, to a throne where the Faithful One resides.

Yesterday I put these truths into a song to bring Him worship and praise and recognition for all he has done. As I sing the words “Your melody” I hear another voice in harmony sing - “Your Majesty.”

Your Melody

There’s a magic thread that intwines us

and you wove it there before time

With it’s colourful connections

making music in my mind

For you knew I would need each note to keep

You in front of me to soak so deep,,.ly,

into my bones,

O Spirit breathe on me

Your melody

And your timbre rings like a river

flowing to my soulful sea

With your whispers of affection

and your praise so wild and free

For you knew how weak my memory serves

so you tenderly speak in notes and curves,

marrow and bone,

O Spirit breath on me

Your melody

You are worthy,

You’re my song

Your Majesty

Written by Cindy Palin, All Rights Reserved ©October 21, 2023 Photo by Anne Nygard

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