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Monday's Music

music appreciation

Monday's get a bad rap, and it's usually because we try to cram in too much on the weekend. We can change how our work week begins simply by choosing the right music to listen to.

Monday, April 5th, 2021

Cindy's Music Pick

"You've Always Been" by Unspoken

To check out some of my recorded music/albums click on linked title and have a listen. 

If we're going to stick to the consonantal alliteration theme, why not check out my album "My Heart's Lament"?


my sheet music

If you are looking for a new song to learn, or something new to record try one of my original's 'Waterfall'. 

Lyric sample only:

I've been here before not so long ago

Almost missed the signs, now I know - I know.

The sky can be blue, the wind blow wide

But if you're not here I'm desert dry.

Gotta hear your voice before birds sing

Gotta say your name as I grow these wings

If there's any truth to 'right as rain'

You're my waterfall - fill me again!



Purchasers of musical files are entitled to use this music for their personal enjoyment. Unauthorized use of my music is an infringement of the copyright laws of Canada and may subject the user to criminal penalty. For example, if music is used for Music Festivals, each individual needing a copy should purchase their own. 

Thank you for supporting local musicians and respecting their intellectual and creative property.

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