The Faith Keeper

A Young woman is involved in a life threatening accident. but her life is mysteriously spared, changing her path forever. Long down the road her faith is tested by many of life's demands. She is challenged by Romans 13:11, to 'wake up from her slumber'. Through prayer she is able to surrender once again to her Lord and Savior, who has always been faithful. *FINALIST in the Word Guild of Canada WORD AWARDS 2016/2017.

To Willow's House for Tea: A novel by Cindy Palin

To Willow's House for Tea

Willow FaceTimes her Grammy and invites her over for tea. But Grammy can't come and Willow wonders why. So Grammy has an idea. Just how far will she go to get to her granddaughter's house for tea, and who will help bring her there? *FINALIST in the Word Guild of Canada WORD AWARDS 2019/2020.

Willows Lullaby: A novel by Cindy Palin

Willow's Lullaby

While rocking her granddaughter to sleep for the first time, Cindy realizes the words people speak and sing over their children have a lasting impact. "What if I could do more than just soothe little Willow to sleep with a lullaby?" she wondered. "What if I could pray a song over her, for the very hand of God to impart faith and fruit and peace for her future?" In this touching and heartwarming book, Cindy invites you to personalize this lullaby for your own children and grandchildren.