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Paula Klinck
Kindergarten Teacher

     I really enjoyed the opportunity to read Cindy's new book "When Gran got Sick." As a Kindergarten teacher for many years, I can attest to her acknowledgment and awareness of a child's viewpoint when processing illness and death.

     As adults we forget or are not aware that their understanding affects their behavior, in addition, young children simply do not have the same vocabulary as adults. 

     Cindy's new book will be beneficial for parents as they try to communicate with their child at their child's level of understanding. It gently reminds parents that it is so important to talk with your child about these realities of life, as well as the importance of prayers.

     What is the child thinking? What words do they misunderstand? Why are they behaving in a certain way? 

Children always do better when they know better.

     I love Cindy's book. We need more books like this to help children and adults alike to process the range of emotions that they feel during these times in life.

    Congratulations on your book being published. It will have a far reach impact! 

Denise Robinson
Teacher Assistant

Cindy has tackled a tough topic in her latest children's book. However, she manages to convey the powerful range of emotions that Mabel and her family experience. This book would be particularly helpful for families dealing with terminal illness and the loss of a loved one.

Natalie Murphy
Mom of a 3 and 8 yr old

A very well put together book exploring some of the difficult aspects of life, health and loss of loved ones. My 2 children and I had some significant discussions as a result. It engages children of different ages as there are several themes cleverly interwoven and yet simply presented. I'd very much recommend this book.

Lorene Runham,
Professional Artist

I am always so inspired by Cindy Palin’s vision and imagination!  Her gift of words in ‘To Willow’s House for Tea’, beautifully engages the reader both young and old! Paired with such wonderfully whimsical imagery, by artist Desiree Abt-Tomkow, simply completes this delightful children’s story of how a grandma connects with her granddaughter when many miles separate them.  I especially enjoyed how Grammy and Willow were finally able to have tea!

Janey Olson, Former childrens pastor & homeschool mom

To Willow’s House for Tea is a whimsical delight. It embraces the imagination of a child and the love of a grandparent, with a gentle reminder that in our digital world there is still nothing better than to share physical space and time with those we love.

Rev. Dr. Judy Shierman

An Authentic Vulnerable Story of Faith.

Cindy Palin shares her journey of faith in an authentic, vulnerable way that is inspiring and real. Her wonderful, artistic personality and love for God shines through the stories she shares. The connection between her writing and her music makes this book even more powerful. Thanks Cindy!

Amazon Customer

Great Read!

Cindy has been blessed with such a gift for articulating her life’s experiences and her faith journey. The wording and imagery used in this short, easy read captures the attention of the reader instantly. When reading this book you will feel as if you can feel, taste, touch and smell every struggle, every heartbreak and every success. This story has something that everyone can relate to and learn from and it will, without a doubt, bless and encourage you! 

Brenda Lytle

Awesome! You show people our Faith Keeper is faithful and is actively working for our good. Thank you for making yourself vulnerable to reach others and testify Christ as our Saviour.

Adena Paget, Alberta Speaker Coordinator RSVP Ministries

A wonderful testimony of God’s love, compassion and faithfulness to us. Your writing skills are excellent and I truly enjoyed your poetry. 

Amazon Customer

Very beautiful, honest &  inspirational book!

I found I did not want to put this book down! Cindy’s heart is poured out on the pages in a very down to earth, sometimes humorous, and vulnerable way. I was captivated by her ‘heart’s song’ as she wrote of her soul’s search for truth. Yes, author Cindy Palin lives God’s love out-loud. Her translation of His messages of love is written into song at the start of each chapter. Then the final page Cindy writes: “Still your weary soul long enough to hear Him whisper.” I encourage everyone to highlight the last paragraph on page 14 and make it personal! At times, through tears, you will recognize that she is telling your story! Good job Cindy. Can’t wait to read the next one!

John Forbes,
Actor and Director

A Faith Inspired Narrative!

“Sometimes love just can’t be shown without an arm around a shoulder, without a journey across a border. Love could be enough–when you go the extra mile.” (The Extra Mile by Cindy Palin)


These are some of the impactful and poignant lyrics that singer/songwriter Cindy Palin and now published author shares throughout the inspired telling of The Faith Keeper. Cindy is a wordsmith and can articulate in a few lines what would take others pages to do! She shares a real and thoughtful journey through some major life challenges and manages to weave a faith inspired narrative of a loving and faithful God who has pursued her from before time began. You will be encouraged as you see the world open up for her in new ways and realize the personal touch of God in her life is already operating in yours, as the reader, if you would just open your hearts. As a Christian for 30 plus years, I am renewed and encouraged in my knowledge of the keeper of my faith! 

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