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How to make Yellow the Balloon

brown paper bag or roll


paper  & sewing scissors

fabric (preferably not stretchy)

straight pins

thread (to match fabric color)

black embroidery thread

embroidery needle

Poly fill

ribbon or string

To Willow's House for TeaCindy Palin
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Yellow the Balloon

We all have an excellent idea of what the shape of a balloon should look like. 
I encourage you to draw a free-hand balloon shape with a sharpie on the brown
paper of your choice.
Make sure to draw the bottom of the balloon as shown in picture B. This initial line
measured 12 high and 10 wide.
Once you have drawn a balloon shape, measure 1/2 inch outside of your original line
and draw another line all the way around.  
You have just added a seam allowance.
This outside line is where you will cut your paper pattern.
Lay your paper pattern aside.
Fold your fabric in two.
Lay your paper pattern on the fabric and fasten it with straight pins.
Cut with sewing scissors a round pattern.
Before you place both pieces right side in on top of each other, you will want to decide where you want the balloon's face. Mark it with a sharpie and embroider the eyes and mouth.
( I watched a YouTube video on how to embroider eyes and mouth)
Once the face is complete you may put both pieces of fabric right side together and pin.
Leave an unpinned section approximately three inches long.
Sew together, but not where the unpinned section is. Back stitch where you start and end to reinforce the opening that is left.
Trim the excess fabric, preferably just one piece, not both. So the edges will be different widths. This cuts down on bulk when you turn the right side out.
You will want to trim the odd shape at the bottom as well using perpendicular cuts (as close to the seam as possible), 
Turn right side out and stuff
Hand stitch opening closed
Cut a ribbon to tie around the bottom of the balloon

You may wish to make a variation on this idea, a backpack, a pyjama pillow etc.
I would love to hear all about it!


balloon bottom


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