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is today, the day we reach out!

This song "Someday" (measure stick) was inspired by a real person, who was struggling with many challenges in his life. Although the initial steps, which were set in motion to help him - failed, he is alive today and on a healthier path.

I, myself went through various stages of grief in dealing with his story, and as always - tried to express it in a song. Every time I sang the song I could picture this couch full of people from all over the world who were unwilling to move out of their comfort zones for those who couldn't move, even if they wanted to.

Though the lyrics are blunt, the song and presentation are not meant to be condemning of anyone, just a brief message to remind us all we can do better. We can always do better.

I want to express my sympathy to those of you who did get off the couch, who did everything you could, and still lost a loved one to mental illness. I invite you to write me, correct me if I am not using the right language, if I am offensive to your reality in anyway.

I want to thank my neighbour Alyssa Focker for her willingness to be a part of this project both in acting and with vocals.

Thank you to Emmanuel David, an Executive Chef and owner of Cacio e Pepe, in Olds, Alberta. I did not know him before we tackled this project, but reaching out to someone new in my hometown was definitely key for me, and underlined the importance of making new friends. Make sure to visit the Restaurant, their brunch on Sunday's is spectacular. Right after our filming my husband and I had Eggs Bennie and the Breakfast Burrito - Yum!

Thank you to Daniel Schafer, a family friend, who was more than willing to help his Mom's friend out, with his acting skills.

Thank you to Lloyd, my husband, who never blinks at any of my strange ideas. What an incredible life partner. And thank you for the backdrop and setting it up:)

Thank you to Craig and Amy Lee of Olds Town Square, who let us steal their couch from their business and plop it in the alley on the snow.

Thank you to Derek and Sandra Doi, of Olds Liquor and Beer, who gave the okay for us to plop that couch in their alley.

Thank you to Art with an Impact for giving artists a place to share their heart and passion.

Watch for lyrics to be available on site, and an accompany track for those who may want it. Be sure to join my email list for upcoming news and access to files like these.

If you like this video be sure to tell your friends to visit me here, or on my instagram account or facebook page. Leave a constructive comment. I would love to hear from you.

Cindy Palin

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