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This past Wednesday my recent completed signage really added to my dream of sharing a legacy of truth and wisdom with children. It all started with my grandchildren, and more specifically the very first lullaby I sang to our granddaughter.

I realized lullabies should be personal. What kind of story could I sing over my granddaughter that would make a difference in her future? "Willow's Lullaby" was born.

The next book was an absolute necessity. How was I to explain to her I couldn't come for tea if they had just moved thousands of miles away? I could write a book and show her in "To Willow's House for Tea."

While working on a story especially for our grandson, I was inspired to deviate and write about a little girl's experience losing her Grandmother to cancer. Her family had noticed her behaviours had changed, which got me contemplating how children grieve. I put myself in her shoes and began to write from her perspective. What did she hear when she heard the word "cancer"? How did it make her feel when her Grandmother could not play with her anymore? "When Gran Got Sick" is my recent published children's book.

Currently Danielle Lemay is helping me illustrate Thorin's book, "Once Upon a Magical Dittle." This book is about how siblings are different. Although the message is silly and fun, ultimately, children need to be reminded "smaller is just as great as taller" and vice versa. Once the images are crafted I will scan and begin choosing the font and putting the pages together. I then hire Dometree Publishing to help with uploading the KDP files to Amazon, and other important design choices. I recommend a team for these types of adventures. Hiring Editors are next. June and July are important for these next steps.

Cindy Palin

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