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An Old Revelation (but a new song worth singing)

You've heard it the door a crack and....Yup it only takes a crack and the stuff you don't want gettin' in and stinkin' up your soul get's in.

Well I was thinking of some of the vocabulary that has become the norm on 90% of television, music and film. It's like we're all brain washed. We think we have to say THAT word or people aren't going to know how $%^#&&* we are.

Or what about the barrage of questions, the doubts, the paralyzed lives - from generations of verbal abuse?

(Photograph - Dima Pechurin of #unsplash)

I can't get mad at any industry for telling their stories their way if I am not going to do the work and tell mine! I won't harbour grudges for those who have hurt me in the past - I want to find new ways of saying things, singing things, healing - and you can too. I want to find better ways to spend my time and tonight was one of those nights. The lyrics are below - wait until you hear the melody - so excited about speaking out in a healthy, constructive and creative way.

I'm so glad God gave me music, and His Word, and a brain to think outside the box and a vocabulary that is effective without bending to society's norms. And right now across our continent there are people trying to express their pain and anguish over the loss of innocent life through violence - find a new way. Find the best way. Try His way. Or as in the song - pay heed to the 'old revelation', there's nothing like Truth to transform us from stinkin' souls to fragrant sacrifices.

'Old Revelation'

I can hear them crackle in my mind

They'll take any crack they can find

I take half the blame though

I know how they got through the door

Repetition helps them settle in

sometimes it's just once and they're you're friend

Don't you want to feel well?

You don't have to buy what they sell!

I'm on the brink of an old revelation

if it feels like temptation run away

Find a new way of saying

What you want to be saying - today!

I can hear them rumble in the ground

Everybody craves their vulgar sound

I can share the blame though

Silence says the same don't you know?

But i'm on the brink of an old revelation

if it feels like temptation run away

Find a new way of saying

What you need to be saying - today!

©CindyPalin, June 2, 2020

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