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Each of Us - a Work of Art!

Last night our knowledgeable, and extremely creative son Eric, introduced us to some new music artists. We heard from a variety of voices and styles through varied on screen formats. I was blown away at how each person had such presence. I watched their lips as they introduced their songs and was intrigued even by their speaking voices before they began to sing. I took in every detail of their face, mostly their eyes. I noticed how unique each of them were, from their accents to the shape of their faces, to their choice of attire. As soon as each of them began to sing their voice's timbre and the music carried me away to a place of beauty and awe. How can we be so cruel to one another in this life, when each of us is such a work of art?

I was struck with the reality that each of those people, who could speak to my heart in some way, were one of a kind. Before they were born, and after they die there will never be another person like them. Let us revere life. What God has created is amazing indeed. On the drive home after our visit I replayed some of my new favourites I had just been introduced to. My heart was overwhelmed and inspired, sure - by their incredible talent, but ultimately by God’s gifts. What a generous God He is, that He should consider each of us before we are even born, know the number of hairs on our head, and the footprints we will make with the gifts He has given us to use here on earth. O Lord hear my cry and know that I am thankful for my life, my marriage and my children’s lives, and my grandchildren’s lives, and the purpose and meaning you have for each of us.

I guess I should clarify, I listen to all kinds of music. My favourite from last night's 'music appreciation' time was Finneas O'Connell "Go Ahead and Break My Heart". The lyrics and how he shaped them and sang them was breathtaking.


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