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Song Story at its Best - Jamie Soles

Photo by Katie Morin

In the midst of unprecedented times there are gifts arising. One such gift is reconnecting with family, the body of Christ, and in this specific case - kindred spirits, songwriters and musicians.

Jamie Soles is one such person, and I was delighted to reconnect with him just this morning and talk about one of his songs 'Jesus is Here', which I recorded on my Christmas Album years ago.

I enjoyed hearing about his 31 years of marriage, and flourishing family, children, sons-in-law, and grandchildren. Moved, when he reminded me of the loss of their eldest son, Judah. Warmed by the commonalities we have both in our faith in Christ, and the working out of that faith in our everyday lives. Encouraged through our analysis of our churches different worship styles, and excited about what I can learn and develop as I continue my studies in Worship through Briercrest College and Seminary. With regards to our current circumstances and COVID limitations we discussed what a Christian's 'life giving' response should look like.

As our conversation came to a close the third verse and chorus of 'Jesus is Here', resonated. As you read Jamie's inspired lyrics consider 'time', where we are in history, and what God's promises look like right now. From this side of the Christmas Story do we not have more reason to believe God's promises than David? As we observe both the secular and spiritual leaders of our day, who can we ultimately trust? Does the faith you chose to live out yesterday still remain? As I pondered Jamie's gifts, and mine, I asked myself, "are we not following in Mary's willing footsteps to serve God, by continuing to use our gifts to share His truth? Are we recognizing His voice, and responding with "Do as you would?" If you are able to rejoice with a peace beyond understanding during these challenging times, then you know Jesus is near. If you are unfamiliar with this peace and assurance, may God reveal His redemptive plan. As Jamie, and I continue to share God's wonderful truths through music and everyday life, remember 'Have no fear - Jesus is Here'.

Verse 3

Time lay the promise to David in gathering dust

Where Princes were Carpenters where is the heir we can trust?

But faith still remained in the heart of this line

And Mary believed it when God gave the sign

Behold the maidservant of God 'do as you would'.

And her song overflows with rejoicing

God in His mercy came near - Jesus is Here


Prophets, Priests and Kings

extend their welcoming

Proclaiming to all who would hear

Have no fear

©Jamie Soles

To find out more about Jamie Soles and his music visit Photograph above is from Jamie's site. If you are interested in singing 'Jesus is Here' in particular, visit my album tab and download the accompaniment track.

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