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The Day After the World Held its Breath

(Dedicated to the young men saved from a cave in Thailand, and to all who risked their lives to save them, and to all who offered prayers to God on behalf of them, and to the medical staff attending them, and to God be the glory, July 11th, 2018)


Let us keep our lips silent and our eyes lifted towards the mountains.

Anything we dare speak now will only ruin this sacred moment,

The day after the world held its breath.

They are alive! They have been rescued!

Let the tears of relief shower, and the wails of reunion swell.

Strangers from around the world gathered.

Minds strained and hearts ached, and humankind chose to risk everything to save them.

Prayers from every Nation cried out to God and He heard us and sustained them.

An invisible cloud of witnesses looked on and wept from the heavens for their souls,

That the frigid, grueling, merciless, murky trek to the depths of the earth be conquered.

They emerged cocooned in courage and passed on into wisdom and healing,

To feel the light of day, to meet endless possibilities, a future, a hope and a love bathed in oxygen.

So please… quiet, don’t shatter this hallowed, historic hour.

Don’t Hollywood it, or analyze it, critique it or complain this away.


Don’t wallow in what could have been done differently.


Don’t cheapen this triumphant feat.


Don’t try to understand it with your finite mind.

Just stand in awe, or kneel in reverence and listen for the whispers of gratitude in a thousand languages, fill the skies.

They will never be the same, we will ever be the same.

Mothers and Fathers have had their sons returned.

My chest rises and falls as sleep draws near,

But my soul will continue to sing His praises over them,

Even in my dreams.

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