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Vanishing Whispers


Usually the Lilac tree in our backyard explodes into fragrant flowers in the month of June, but it is blossoming now… in May?

Lilacs have always beckoned me to write, because they are a fleeting gift. [clickandtweet handle=”” hashtag=”” related=”” layout=”” position=””]Like the Lilac, every vanishing whisper from God brings cause to ponder man’s momentary breath.[/clickandtweet]

Then there’s the purple, whether royal or pastel, the colour is rare, as are we. One needs only to look into the eyes, to see the unique hues of each man’s soul.

Thousands of delicate petals sewn together form what look like living lace. We too have many layers.

And the Lilac’s perfume, so deliriously pungent.

Oh to be a fragrant aroma while we are here.

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