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10 Reasons to Subscribe to My Podcast

(Every Once in a Magical Dittle, by Cindy Palin, on Cindy Palin Music & Words S02E03)

Photo by Patty Brito of #unsplash

Today we are inundated with information unlike ever before, so why subscribe to my podcast?

This summer Cindy Palin Music & Words are focused on children's song and story.

1. Free and fun entertainment (summer episodes) 2. Brief and easy listening 3. Celebrate 'clean' content 4. Stir the imagination 5. Inspire future writers 6. Happy travelling fillers (for kids & adult kids) 7. Celebrate Canadian Content 8. Celebrate Local Artists 9. Know when the next episode is available 10. Teach your children new vocabulary and poetry

These are only a few great reasons to jump on the podcast wagon this summer.

With joy,


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