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Coming Full Circle

The story of history coming to life.

Learning is a life long celebration. This past month I have been reading about early church history, and worshipping through means of ‘time’. The Christmas Season is an opportunity to focus our time and efforts on Christ. The Advent, the four Sundays preceding Christmas, is a time of great anticipation, waiting for Christ’s first arrival in a manger, and for Christ’s second coming as well.

I have suspected for a while December 25th was probably not the exact date of Christ’s birth. In Keith Drury’s book ‘The Wonder of Worship’, he gives two theories on why this is so. One theory is the early church mathematically approximated when Jesus was born. The other theory is the early church chose to celebrate Christ’s birth on a pagan festival, in hopes Christ’s birthday would eventually supersede the festival…and it did for centuries.

Why is this information so interested to me? I see cycles of human behaviours and patterns. Track #1 on my Christmas Album, ‘For God So Loved” recognizes humanity may be coming full circle. What once use to be a Christ centered season is morphing back into a man centered season. The lyrics to the song begin like this…

Every Christmas brings one more thing to hide You

Even in Your house, it gets harder to find You

The story of a manger is the story of a stranger…

Meant to be our Saviour, for God so loved our souls

Musically speaking my Producer, Craig Learmont, chose unusual elements to introduce the song, and hold the song together, yet the percussion serves as an echo of days gone by. At first I thought the genre may be Alternative, but I must admit there is also a Country ring that breaks out in the chorus. Despite the serious contemplation, the song is upbeat and incredibly joyful.

There is something else that is coming full circle. The prayer hidden in the fabric of this song is coming to fruition. I can see His love changing me, from a child of timidity and fear to a woman of courage and joy.

May Your birthday change everything inside me

May I know your love like no one else has loved me

The story of a manger is the story of my Saviour

Came to save this sinner, for God so loved my soul

No matter where our culture and circumstances find us now and in the future, I pray we will circle back, and dig deep to find the true meaning of Christmas.

Thank you to Gareth Harper of Unsplash for the perfect picture!

The Wonder of Worship (Why We Worship the Way We Do) Keith Drury

For God So Loved My Soul on Christmas Hope Album, Cindy Palin

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