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Equipping your Children and Grandchildren

There are a great deal of issues out there to be passionate about, but when our daughter had her first child, there was a shift that took place in the core of my being. It wasn't a shift away from the faith I have in a personal and mighty God, but a shift to go deeper.

When our children were young I had an urgent sense of responsibility to do the very best I could for them, based on what God has done and continues to do for me. I made mistakes. I asked God for forgiveness, and for insight. I picked myself back up, brushed myself off and was more determined than ever to trust God and be a godly wife, and mother.

I was surprised, when our grandchildren came into this world, that my urgent sense of responsibility grew. I don't believe my job as a parent is done, and maybe that is why we are called 'Grand-parents'? I don't believe I can sit back and take a passive role in our children's children. It makes sense. You see the bumps and bruises of your life's path, and want to equip your children and theirs for less heartbreak. The key word is 'equip'. They are going to experience bumps and bruises, but you can pass on wisdom from your experiences to make the impact less damaging, and yes even prevent some wrong turns (The Faith Keeper).

Communicating important messages to your children and grandchildren is paramount, but I've discovered helping them remember these messages can be done through the written word, and through music.

It started with a lullaby. I couldn't just sing some empty rhyme over my grandchild. What ever I sang had to have meaning, purpose and hope for her future, Jeremiah 17:8 (Willow's Lullaby). Next came a book to explain why I couldn't just hop over to my grand-daughter's house for tea (To Willow's House for Tea). We lived too far away. I wanted her to know we loved her, and we would come soon, but it would take a journey.

Recently I resigned from a a job I truly loved, but I still have a job to do. It is a privilege to look at the calendar and schedule time to write and compose for my children, and their children. I want to equip them for their future. I want to be a voice of wisdom and reason in their heads even after I am called home.

My new project was inspired by a little girl who lost her Grandmother. Her true story spoke to me in a special way. There is a nugget of truth in the book that I believe is one of the best tools we can equip our children with.

Stay tuned to Season Three of Cindy Palin Music & Words Podcast on Mondays, as we unfold more of this new story. Wednesdays are our reveal days on Instagram. Fridays are my blog post days here at

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