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How to be a Grandma

You don't have to worry about how to be a Grandma or a Grandpa, because your grandchildren will teach you how. It starts from the moment you look in their newborn eyes, and from just have to pay attention.

Fast forward several years....take the 'pillow' for example. Willow made a pillow in Sunday School on the same week we Ferried in for a visit. She decided quite instinctively, she would give the pillow to me. I was to take it home even though she hadn't had much time to enjoy it herself. So the next time they came our way I gave the pillow back to her and suggested we could share it. It could be our traveling pillow. It has been a couple years now and that traveling pillow has made a lot of miles.

When we were back in Gibsons this summer I realized it was more than overdue for younger brother Thorin to have a traveling pillow too. Before we arrived for this November visit I made sure to bring his new pillow along. He was thrilled and right away went and coloured on it with a felt marker just as his big sister had fancied up hers. I told him that since he hadn't owned it for long he could certainly hang onto it, and the next time one of us crossed paths we could do the exchange.

Unsure of what was decided, my little heart melted when I crept into the guest room tonight. There a-top Papa's pillow and Grammy's pillow were both of the grandkid's traveling pillows. This doesn't mean for sure they will be coming back in our suitcase this time 'round, it just means before our two grandkids turned in for the night, they thought of a special way to say "I love you."

This visit has been so full of new ideas and fun. I always make sure to take notes after most of our conversations. Yesterday while having dinner we were all discussing bath- time. Whose turn was it, and who wanted to go first? Willow piped up she would have a sha-bath. "What?", I shrieked with glee, and my imagination was off and running. You can read about the great "Sha-bath" on my Instagram account.

I was fortunate to check on her at just the right time or the "Sha-bath" could have had us all floating down the street. Before I helped her out and dried her off I told her I should make sure the bathroom door was closed so she wouldn't catch a chill. I caught her eye and realized 'catching a chill' was a bit of a quandary for her. Again, my imagination ran for a pen, after-all what does catching a chill look like, and once you've caught the chill, what do you do with the thing?

I recall a conversation Thorin and I were having today, as we all drove home from soccer practice. Actually I don't recall much of what was said, because of one word he used in particular. His soft voice was explaining something and off his tongue rolled the word 'occasionally'. He's in Kindergarten, and using the word 'occasionally' properly in a sentence. I felt as if we were taxiing around the Mayor, or the Premier, and we had better pay attention to what this wise person in a little person's body had to say.

I could go on about the drum lesson we had on a myriad of bowls turned upside down on the table, or teaching Willow how to make salad dressing from scratch, or pancake batter with Thorin, but alas it's time for bed. -Grammy Cindy

Photo by Rod Long of #unsplash

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