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Keeping the Faith

“Keeping the Faith” is a song I penned back in 2002. It is unique and special for three reasons. First, it came to me through prayer. Secondly, I knew it meant for a specific couple, who were serving overseas at the time. Thirdly, it has become a song of inspiration for my new book entitled: The Faith Keeper. I like to sum this song story up as a picture of the body of Christ, and what we can accomplish together….

Sheet music is available and posted.

Hope you enjoy the lyrics,


You are the hands, and we made a choice

to carry our cross where ever we go

Keeping the Faith until we get home

We’ll whisper prayers the spirit brings

You’ll lift the hearts of the suffering

Together we’ll love the lost and alone

Keeping the faith until we get home

Keeping the Faith, fighting the fight

We’ll run the race into the night

And long down the road when our hearts break

We’ll finally know the Keeper of Faith

©Cindy Palin July 16, 2002

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