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Late Night Talkin'

I know Mother's Day was yesterday, but that is a special day we set aside to truly stop everything and celebrate our Mothers. Everyday is parent day and there is nothing like parent pain, whether you are a Father or Mother. Don't get me wrong, parent pain is not all bad, but it is always present.

There's the sleepy stupor pain when they're small and you can't get them to stop crying. There's the throbbing pain when they run away from you to their kindergarten class. You might be thrilled they are independent at the age of 5, but the pain is there - stabbing you in the heart.

And just when you think you have parenting down pat you get introduced to a pain unlike any other. No, they are not crying, they are not hungry, they are late and past their curfew, and you are wondering where they are. Will a policeman come to the door? Now that is some kind of nauseating ,craziness pain.

There is the disbelief, gasping for air pain when they graduate, or leave home, which is very close to and related with the sweet pain that comes when they fall in love and get married, but the pain continues like a merciless ghost in the house. Like I said it's not all bad, but parenting pain is omni present.

I almost forgot! How could I, when it is part of the chorus of this song below? The pain that is absolutely the worst is heartbreak pain, when someone has the audacity to break your child's heart! I think I can say with almost 99% certainty - we have all gone through that debilitating pain ourselves. Knowing it doesn't kill them or us, should help but it doesn't - not for a while anyway.

You can't use a bandaid on this kind of pain, but there is a remedy......Embrace the pain of this imperfect world of parenting through prayer. Breathe it in. Cry it out. We parents know you can't have joy and love without pain too.

And don't worry kids - I wouldn't have it any other way!

Late Night Talkin'

This little girl spent all her days dreamin'

Who would she fall in love with?

What would his name be and would they have children,

on what castle hill would they live?

Well life can be sweet, and the Father is fine,

and their children are better than best.

So why does the pain never leave?

Bandaids to heartbreak it seems.

Fallin' down never was good,

at least you could

kiss 'em better again.

If it wasn't for late night talkin',

Askin' Jesus to be with us

Where would this Momma be?

Children grow up and fairy tales fade

and some love will fall out of bliss.

And everyone looks for some kind of wisdom

'cause that's the best gift you can give.

Well life can be sweet but the world isn't kind

and we all end up put to the test!

That's why the pain never leaves.

Bandaids to heartbreak it seems.

Fallin' down never was good,

at least I could

kiss 'em better again.

If it wasn't for late night talkin'

Askin' Jesus to be with us,

Where would this Momma be?

©Cindy Palin

Photograph by #unsplash, Laura Fuhrman

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