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New Children's Book on Illness and Grief

Through the Eyes of a Child

I was inspired to write my upcoming Children's book through a story relayed to me about a little girl, who was struggling with her Grandmother’s illness. Her odd behaviour was a sign of her struggle. Her parents were hurting too and wondered how to help her. I have experience with community advocacy and specialized training, but I was not drawn to write about self-help steps, or grief stages, or a focus on Heaven. I was drawn, however, to what everyday life looked like in this little girl’s mind and heart, as she experienced separation from her Grandmother.

This book does not give self-help steps or information on grief stages as mentioned above, instead it inadvertently gives insight through a little girl’s dialogue and experience. My hope for this story is to encourage understanding. H. Norman Wright, M.A. in his Grief, Loss and Family Bereavement Presentation through LightUniversity emphasizes the importance of seeing loss through the eyes of the person who is grieving. My desire is for this book to be a source of comfort, and a tender resource, which will promote ‘real life’ discussion. May it also ...

Further information will be given at a later date. Be sure to tune into my Podcast for interviews, the writing and illustration process in this 3rd Season of - Cindy Palin Music & Words

#unsplash, Photo by Marcus Wallis

You will find more information about this upcoming book on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter platforms as well.

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