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On the Short List

Thanks to Heather Perry, a long time ago, for encouraging me to become a member of the Word Guild of Canada, and enter my writing into Write Canada. Thank you to Shannon Ethridge of Shannon Ethridge Ministries for her B.L.A.S.T course where she mentored authors and gave them tools to write! Over the past five years, I have entered song lyrics, my first book The Faith Keeper, and this past year my first Children's book -To Willow's House for Tea! Every one of my entries has placed as a finalist in a specific category. My husband and I were able to take in a Word Guild writing week and Gala in 2017. Winners to projects published in 2019 will be announced on June 13, 2020. Congrats to all involved! No matter the outcome to this Write Canada Event, I am further encouraged to use the writing platform to build humanity up, to stand for justice and to glorify God.

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