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One More Miracle

The night I wrote this song I was crouched in the hallway, outside our youngest daughter's room, working on a Christmas gift. It was late, almost midnight. To my right I could see her door was open a crack, and to my left, through the window, I could see a magical snow falling. The thick flakes were illuminated by the street light's soft glow.

The light in the hallway was not especially bright, but I needed to work on projects there so I could hear my daughter's breathing. She was only six months old, but had already been hospitalized for Croup. The sight of your baby in an oxygen tent can unravel you quickly. The Doctors suspected she was asthmatic.

My husband and two other children were sleeping, as I should have been too, but midnight was usually time for another round of ventolin for our baby girl. The ventolin and one other liquid, salbutamol, came in little plastic vials, with tabs you broke off and poured into a small cup. This cup was connected to a tube. The tube was connected to a mask at one end, and a compressor machine at the other. You plugged the compact compressor in, put the mask over her nose and mouth, and 'relief'! The liquid became mist and helped open up her airways. I grew to love the sound of that machine, and the look of relief on my baby girl's face.

I put my paintbrush down and pushed my project aside. Perhaps our daughter didn't need the nebulizer right away. I got off the floor and walked over to my piano. I have a pedal you can push, so that the sound is muffled, and I began to write...

What is a snowflake that falls from the sky?

What is this blanket that sparkles snowy white?

What is this music I hear in the night,

when the stars are called out to shine?

(part of verse one)

It would be ten years before we would see a real change in our daughter's health. Every time I hear 'One More Miracle" at Christmas, I am reminded of why I wrote about miracles in the midst of real life struggle. It wasn't about our daughter's health being instantly cured through a midnight prayer. It was about knowing that a miraculous God knew what we were going through. It was and still is about His supernatural presence in every moment of my life, and the work of His hands all around me. Our children are miracles. My marriage is a miracle. The snowflakes that fall every winter season are miraculous.

Sometime after I recorded 'One More Miracle' I began researching the miracle of snowflakes. Each one of them are unique. Every time there is a snowfall, brand new snowflakes appear. Have you seen their intricate design? Have you ever caught one on a darkly coloured mitten, and seen the lace and filigree? I think of the verse in Romans 1:20. I can see God's eternal power and divine nature in everything He has made.

I discovered there was someone else who was mesmerized by snowflakes as well - Wilson A. Bentley, aptly nicknamed 'Snowflake Bentley'. He was the first man to photograph a snowflake. There is a beautiful children's book about his story, and I quickly scooped that up. Then I found a book of all his snowflake photographs, and purchased that too. I encourage you to do some digging for yourself.

Visit this link to find out more about Wilson A. Bentley

Today, we are in the midst of troubled times, but God is with us. There are still miracles to be seen all around us. It is my prayer that you will see Him in what He has made, and rejoice!

My song 'One More Miracle' is available right on this site, under the tab 'Albums'.

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