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Reach out for Help, or to Love Someone - this Thanksgiving Weekend

This Thanksgiving weekend I want to thank our Premier Jason Kenney, our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Deena Hinshaw, and all the Doctors and Nurses giving sacrificially for our fellowman. I want to thank our church leadership at Olds First Baptist for working alongside Alberta Health to set an example of humility and caring for community. And I want to thank people wearing masks for their consistency in acknowledging others' needs before their own. I want to thank my husband, who goes to work faithfully every morning to provide for us and maintain our home. Thank you to my children, and grandchildren for keeping in touch, even though we are separated by mountains and oceans. As we all long for smoother days ahead, it does begin with us.

This weekend be sure to get outside and walk. Notice the sky, intentionally breathe in the crisper air. Make a mental list of what is going right in your life, and say thank you out loud. Shut the radio off as much as is possible. If you should watch television, choose something that is life giving rather than death for entertainment sake. Whether we like to admit it or not, horror films, murder and crime mysteries can keep our adrenaline levels at a heightened state, which can cause unnecessary fatigue, as well as allow one of our greatest enemies - fear, to run rampant. Instead of immersing ourselves in fantasy - make time this weekend to write your own story.

With the trials and discouragement around us and in our homes, we need to encourage one another to avoid substance abuse, this includes gluttony. We know that having limits and boundaries can protect our mental and physical health, and others. Watch out for those around you, who you know are struggling. Make a date to play games, create something, and share memories, maybe that includes sharing food. And if at all possible, be intentional about visiting the person across the table without your face stuffed in your phone.

If you have family stuck overseas this might be the right time to pack up a gift and pop it in the mail, in time for Christmas. Maybe you haven't played the piano or picked up your guitar in a while. Music is soul therapy. This weekend could be the right time to start your Christmas card list, or maybe a new exercise regime. What ever we do this Thanksgiving weekend, let us be intentional to reach out for help, or to love someone.

Your friend and neighbour - Cindy

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