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Small Town Transactions

When I was newly married my husband so graciously taught me the importance of doing business in my hometown rather than outsourcing and justifying with lower prices. What about the cost of travel? More importantly what was the cost to home town relationships? What is the cost to our community when we shop elsewhere? We can

shape our community by investing in our community!

My Home Town

Some signs have changed, some faces too, and I remember when

I didn't know the value of small town transactions.

Some pulling through, some moving on, some coming 'round the bend

I see the power of rooting for my neighbours and my friends!

This 'ole town is my home town

I'm shoppin' around my home town

Gonna roll my sleeves up and

find some common ground

Wanna make the most of my home town!

©Cindy Palin May 2020

Photograph by Thomas Leemon of #unsplash

Send in your photo of the Town of Olds and I would gladly post it here with your name.

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