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To Willow's House for Tea will be featured from July 12th to 23rd in selected store windows this summer for the Olds Municipal Library Story Walk Adventure! Stay tuned for dates in August where Willow's Lullaby will be featured.

Both children's books are available online for purchase, or at Pandora's Boox and Tea right here in Olds, Alberta.

My Podcast Cindy Palin Music & Words on by Spotify, along with many other platforms, will be featuring episodes of the inspiration behind the stories, the process of illustration and publication, and the songs written to go along with the stories.

Be sure to stop by Pandora's Boox and Tea, where both of these books are available, along with a specialty mug sleeve for your cold or hot beverage!

The books and sheet music are available right here on my website as well. If you are not an Olds resident, and you can't make it out to Story Walk, or Pandora's Boox email me with your requests at

Please note the other businesses listed here and the instructions on how to participate in getting your name in a draw to win a special prize from Olds Municipal Library.

Participating Businesses:

Suzanne's & Jenny's

The Beech CoWork

Frayed Knot

Pandora's Boox

Grammie's Nooks and Crannies

Sim's Furniture

reFind Consigned Fashion

Cacio e Pepe Italian Bistro

Rip's Audio Video & Spa


Cindy Palin

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