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The Dance of Life - Hike for Hospice

Be sure to check out new podcast Cindy Palin, Music and Words, Song and Story inspired by Community Advocacy. Episode 5 features Season and episode information and recap, with emphasis on Hike for Hospice 2021.

...Dance is a popular metaphor for life and I think we can all agree that death is the most difficult final steps in the dance. So why not dance together as we approach that door?

I got involved with the Olds Hospice Society several years ago by taking their volunteer training. I realized I wasn't quite ready for that type of community service. I asked myself what I could do in support of the organization? Because I am a musician and songwriter I decided to write 'The Dance of Life'.

Whether this song brings comfort to those in the final steps of the dance and those dancing with them, or just brings attention to the hospice, then it is a success.

Please note: May 2, 2021 Hike for Hospice. Visit their website to register and donate.

An interesting side note: an independent film company called Faith Flix Films used the song in their movie Providence. Below is the music video.

Such a joy and privilege to be able to write, sing and share to bring attention to such an incredible organization and such special work.

With love, Cindy Palin

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