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The Gift of a New Year

I would like to begin the New Year with a worship song I penned back in 2011. The lyrics describe our Lord's creation, and my adoration for His great love for us. We can see it in everything around us (Romans 1:20). I couldn't think of a better way to shape my thoughts and ready my spirit for a New Year, than to glorify the One who gave us life.

"This Night You Made For Me".

Winter wheat orange freckles the snow,

Twilight blue blankets my heart.

Wish I could drive right off the earth,

Find myself wrapped in your arms.

'Cause there's no one like you,

Give me no one but you,

And this night you made for me.

Twinkle your stars over my soul,

You had me at the sunrise.

Longing to hear what you laugh like,

When my heart swims in your eyes.

'Cause there's no one like you,

Give me no one but you,

And this night you've made for me.

Don't you ever get tired

of out doing what you did

the day before today?

And you started this fire

and it's growing brighter

every second

you whisper my name.

Oceans of fields dressed in white lace,

Mr. Moon dances on high.

I feel my feet lift off the ground,

Only your love makes me fly.

'Cause there's no one like you

Give me no one but you,

And this night you made for me.

Cindy Palin ©2011 All Rights Reserved.

Two of my favourite colours in creation are listed in the first verse. I was never able to really describe them until I penned this song - winter wheat orange, and twilight blue.

Together they are magnificent. They are opposites on the colour wheel, and I know He knew long before we did, that they would look great together. Another colour that never gets olds, not even in winter is 'white'. Oh those 'oceans of fields dressed in white lace'.

As I was driving one early evening, out to our youngest daughter's school, the sights around me suddenly called out. To my right was a bird sanctuary, complete with a boardwalk, and a bog. There were scattered grasses poking out of snow. On the horizon the moon was competing with the sun in a palette of blue. My heart skipped a beat and I imagined driving down the road and off the earth into my Saviour's arms. Words of adoration for the Author of Life began descending from heaven to the tune of a new waltz. I just had to make sure to write it down on paper as soon as I got home.

This year as we breathe in the gift of His air, and walk on the gift of this soil, let us worship and adore our holy and magnificent Creator. May the fire our Saviour has begun in our souls, be fanned to a vibrant flame. And as the refrain resounds - may He be our first love.

Photo thanks to #unsplash, sophia baboolal, j lee, wengang zhai

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