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To Love is a Costly Call

reposted July 29, 2020

To love is a costly call, for love can have no strings. It steals time and breaks your heart and wrinkles everything.

To love is to gamble if it were not for the Christ, Who swallowed death to save my heart because He knows my fight.

The one I lose so hopelessly each morning when I wake. Because my heart is human and it hungers more to blame.

To lust and twist and use this life for what I want instead.

I merely open up my mouth and I can smell the dead (Matt.15:17-19)

To love is impossible without my anguished prayer.

Please help me God to love so much I cannot help but care.

Even when not one of them desires my love at all.

When I am trampled under foot, mocked and scorned and mauled.

To love is a costly call for you were bled bone dry.

No earthly guaranteed result, love clearly means to die.

So as I die each of these days you've granted me O Lord,

I'm watching for the many seeds You spoke of in Your Word

(John 12:24) ©Cindy Palin May 2019

#unsplash, photo by Cristian Newman

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