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Some Children See Him

Music Composed by Jazz musician Alfred Burt in 1951

Remembering the Composer behind this beautiful song, who served as an officer in the United States Army during World War II.

The reason this song made it on the Christmas Hope Album, was because of my love for a Pastor/Friend, who introduced me to it and requested I sing it at our church one Christmas. At the time I didn't know much about the song, or the writer(s), but it didn't take long for me to fall in love with the lyrics, the theme, and the most memorable melody.

This year I wanted to write the stories behind my Christmas Album, and was amazed to find out more on Alfred Burt, the jazz musician and composer who wrote the music for 'Some Children See Him.'

Alfred Burt served as an officer in the United States Army and was stationed at San Angelo, Texas during World War II. His Father, Reverend Burt sent him lyrics, and Alfred composed music for them. The Carols were then put on the family Christmas cards. After Reverend Burt's death, Alfred and his wife continued the Christmas card tradition.

'Some Children See Him' is one of the most recorded Christmas songs of Burt's, by Andy Williams & Kenny Loggins, George Winston and James Taylor to name a few.

This information and so much more about Burt's life and accomplishments can be found online at Alfred Burt - Wikipedia.

Quite often, when we listen to songs on the radio, or purchase them online, we don't bother to find out who wrote the song. Was the music composer a lyricist as well? Is the recording artist the songwriter? I remember a good friend of mine telling me about one of his favourite songs, "Make You Feel My Love", which he thought was written by recording artist Adelle. I was excited to celebrate the actual composer behind the music and lyrics - Bob Dylan.

With that in mind I kept wondering if Burt wrote both the music and the lyrics to 'Some Children See Him". He did not. Wihla Hutson, a family friend, wrote the lyrics. I was able to find more heartwarming information at this link:

I am going to enjoy learning more about Hutson, as well as Burt's grand niece, Abbie Betinis, who is a composer. Betinis revived the Burt Christmas card tradition (with an original Carol), in 2001.

I have been looking for ideas for our family Christmas cards. I have sent music out at Christmas before....hmmm maybe on a Christmas card? Probably not this year as I have a plan to post and share online. On that note - take a peek at my Christmas Hope Album. There are accompaniment tracks available...and stay tuned for more song stories.

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